Connecting businesses and communities to reliable networks.

RPM has evolved with time and have been able to cope with the changing needs of communities and businesses across Manitoba. Our track record illustrates our experience and commitment to service excellence. No project is too big or small, or too complicated.


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Solutions we provide

RPM is the one-stop-shop for telecommunication service providers. We work closely with telecom service providers to offer turn-key design and construction.

Specializing in Fibre Optic Network Design we collaborate with our clients to offer the most efficient and reliable deployments.  We don’t stop at design either, offering full, in-house solutions that include permitting, construction, quality testing and maintenance.

Our end-to-end service suits the needs of our clients. We work closely to determine your company’s unique needs and provide the freedom to select the services.

Services provide include:

  • Design
  • Cost Analysis
  • CAD Drawings
  • Construction Permits & Approvals
  • Installation of Infrastructure
  • As-Built & Utility Mapping


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